The Highlights of New Zealand’s Coromandel

The Coromandel truly is nature’s playground, with natural gorges, rainforests, and beaches all on the table for adventures. There’s so much to see it would be impossible to get through it all in a day, let alone a week if you’re really an intrepid explorer, but here’s where to start.

Iceland to New Zealand: the World’s Most Iconic Filming Locations

From Iceland’s dramatic landscapes to the world’s largest desert in Abu Dhabi, planet Earth’s most incredible destinations have often been key features on both the big and small screens – providing a unique backdrop for surreal and unforgettable storytelling. Discover the filming.

The New Zealand Van Saga – Part 3

The following morning, after our night in Oamaru, we were back on the road with slightly more optimism about our journey. This was partly due to a change in the weather – the sun had decided to make an appearance – and partly because we’d already figured out where we were going to stay that…

The New Zealand Van Saga – Part 2

Part one of this lengthy misadventure left off with Tall and I sitting outside a New World supermarket, despairing at the state of our lives. I’d like to be able to say that our awful afternoon turned into a better evening but unfortunately our stresses were far from over.  After deciding that we needed to…

The New Zealand Van Saga – Part 1

I’d like to start off by saying that the misadventures in this first instalment are not entirely my fault. I don’t really take responsibility for any of my travel mishaps thus far, but the problems chronicled hereon in are in large part due to the chaotic and poorly thought out life choices of an extremely…