Three Days in Bangkok: Temple-Hopping and Market-Shopping

Thailand’s capital bursts at the seams with energy that beeps and bustles its way through the streets all the way from the glinting metallic skyscrapers of the centre to the tangled power lines and backstreets of the outer districts.

The Lowdown on LGBT Travel and Why We Need It

Flights? Check. Visas? Check. Hotel, suitcases, passport? Check. For most people (read: heterosexual, cisgender people), there isn’t much more to think about when planning a holiday. But there are concerns that fly over the heads of most people which are constant worries for LGBT travellers. I was recently talking to a (heterosexual) work friend of…

How to Spend a Day on the Greek Island of Nisyros

Twinkling turquoise seas, chalky white cubist architecture and rugged mountainsides characterise almost all of the Greek Islands, but sometimes it’s the smaller, unheard of places that surprise you.